Distribution of fresh fish, frozen and gourmet products

Family group with 40 years of experience exporting and distributing the best seafood products for the high cuisine industry.

Peixos de Palamós

Peixos de Palamós

We work directly with around 30 sea ports all over Spain, both in the Atlantic and the Mediterranean. We offer products that will help you to distinguish your business from your competition.

Congelats Palamós

Congelats Palamós

We invest in the elaboration and freezing of the fish, subjecting all the product to an exhaustive quality control. Without any additives, we pack and freeze the fish with the most advanced technology.



With Delicattia Gourmet Food, we offer you a simple and different proposal, linked to creative cuisine. Between the 4th and 5th range we suggest a selection of products that enrich and diversify an extensive assortment of alternatives for the restaurant industry.



We advise you on the best times of the year to invest in certain products, with the possibility of extending the service, with a customized production.

To whom do we address?

Do you work in any of the following establishments? We offer you a tailor-made product according to your needs:


The best fresh fish and seafood for restaurants



Seafood products and services tailored to the needs of each client



Tailor-made products for catering



Seafood products with Mediterranean essence

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Insiginia of reference in a world of professionals

Insiginia of reference in a world of professionals

All the flavor of the Mediterranean at your table

Today we are present in more than 30 countries around the world, where we impart the same rigorous guidelines as with any of our company's closest customers. Opening the doors, every day more, to a world of professionals, who are looking for highly identifiable seafood products.

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A wide range of seafood products in our catalog

The fundamental advantage is that with Peixos de Palamós, we offer you a wide range of possibilities, which have an impact on medium - long term benefits. Clean product at net price, will allow you to save on labor for handling the product, reducing direct costs, in a sector with a strong volatility of demand.

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Fresh fish
Frozen fish
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